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Published on April 24th, 2012 | by Brianne Walter


Skullgirls PSN

Skullgirls by Reverge Labs was released via PSN. With a backdrop of canopy kingdom, the Skullgirl monster haunts people with an impure soul vying for the skull heart. The Skull heart is said to have the power to fulfill wishes at a considerable cost. Skullgirls could be played using different sets of characters and every player for his team can use a maximum of three fighters. The team logic works on the basis that single character teams will have more power while multiple character teams will have the ability to use unique character assists. Players can even customize their character assists like attack strategies and defense techniques. Several new implications such as infinite detection enable the players to break out of a loop combo. The inputs to perform complex actions have been made easier and also they have manifested the protection against unblock able attacks.

The Game

The game is more responsive and even a complete novice can find his way into attacking opponents. Skullgirls has a tutorial which will help you know more about the gameplay and even apprehend the most subtle movements. Just being successful in the blocking and attacking drills won’t make you a tournament fighter but rather makes you less confused about the whole drama.

The Characters

There are just eight characters to chose from, but the detailing of each character assists is so enough that you won’t ask for more characters. The creative extent to which each characters are embedded with character assists are mind boggling as each attack has a cultural reference that the moves hardly look like a punch or kick. Every character has a diverse play style and has moves that are delivered by quarter-circle and z-shape moves. The characters are famous for their special moves and the style of each one of them is as exciting as its looks. Just like the muscle armed hat of Cerebella and detachable limbs of Ms.Fortune, each character has an impressive skill that gives them an edge over the others. The armed hat makes cerebella a prime matman and Ms. Fortune has the ability to attack at a range with her detachable arms, while spine-mounted wheel of Painwheel gives an aerial attack advantage for her. The diversity of offense style makes each character a threat itself.

The Story and Animation

The story is as good as the detailing and has a better narrative structure in fighters. The massive detailing in animation and art decorative give the game a spellbinding look. There are a few letdowns though; the edit controls screen can’t get anymore fiddly as however hard you try to change the button commands. Further it is not unresponsive and the absence of in-game moves list are more annoying though the Reverge Labs are promising to release character guides for free.

Skullgirls is a bold move in a market dominated by several awesome characters brought in by years-old game franchises. With a pretty high frame rate, the animation looks great although the slow pace of the game is a letdown. The game has great reviews about the game play and has been given a rating of 8.5.


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