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Published on May 6th, 2012 | by Chris Grigorovsky


Wake me when you need me. Right well wake up now!

Back in 2007 we witnessed the release of Halo 3, one of the most successful games on the Xbox 360. As well as having the hugely addictive and successful online multiplayer aspect that truly tested your skills it had within it a deep single player campaign where once again we followed around the green armoured arse kicking styling’s of the softly spoken man of few words Master Chief. At the end of the campaign we were left in shock as after a fierce and hard fought battle we thought our hero was dead. Thus leaving us with so many unanswered questions and a mouth as wide open as a banker’s wage packet. But for those patient ones who waited through all of the credits were treated to a nice extra segment where we see Chief on a ship with Cortana preparing him for cryogenic sleep. Where he says the most memorable line “Wake me when you need me”, which to sum up means our hero is still alive yay! But we were still left in speculation. When will we see that infamous green armour again and in what context?

Then over the next few years various other games were released showcasing all other aspects of the story and just how much more they had to offer, such as a strategic setting in Halo Wars, following other Spartans through battles in Halo: ODST and Halo: Reach. Now even though they were exceptional games we still had a small part of us that wanted to know what the hell was going on with Chief and if we would ever see him again. Then after months of online rumours and supposed “Leaked images”, at the E3 event in Los Angeles back in 2011, we were introduced to a small clip teasing the return of Master Chief in a direct sequel, Halo 4 was on its way and it was welcomed with big open arms, all part of a brand new trilogy. With Bungie out of the picture, a new company, 343 Industries has taken over and is bringing Halo back to its roots.

Over the past year we have been given various pieces of information about the game accompanied with beautiful screenshots and snippets of gameplay. This has us all salivating with sheer awe. From the looks of things it is certainly going to be an obvious top contender for game of the year and it couldn’t have come at a better time because, well, there have been no exciting releases for years. Now before any of you jump down my throat and bombard me with abusive comments, just listen up and allow me to (try) and enlighten you on the reasons for my hypothesis.

Now obviously there were the typical contenders of the Call Of Duty and Battlefield games being churned out to us like cows grazing in a field, which have all of the typical hype behind them. Then we get the game and it is what you expect, generic war man goes bang on bad man in bad area. That’s all well and good for the companies making the money off of all this and the casual players of today’s pick up and play culture. But to some gamers who enjoy a good game that does have a deep universe behind it, it simply isn’t enough. To put it simply the followers and the whole pageantry of games like Call Of Duty is shallow, people don’t care about engrossing themselves in something that has meaning. There is nothing in those games that can really connect you to them, all you get is a community which is solely just a rank and kill counter. The halo universe and its followers on the other hand is one of the loyalist groups of fans in any gaming franchise on consoles. With tournaments, critically acclaimed internet series and other fan based content being produced on a daily basis, the name of Halo will never die and indeed shows that they have something special.

This is why Halo 4 will be a breath of fresh air for the loyal Halo followers as we can finally get excited about something again. The emotion behind the return of the original Halo series is one that will bring a tear to the eye of any fan. Our appetites were kept splendidly at bay by the last game released in the franchise which was Halo: Reach back in 2010 and that had huge critical success. But now after a five year absence we are finally getting what we’ve craved for since we put our controllers down for that infamous final time back in 2007.

I asked a US professional gamer, Mikwen who has vast knowledge of Halo just how he sees the change that Halo 4 will bring.

He said: “It’ll make any other FPS games look lesser in a competitive aspect, and be the next big game. I think first of all they are bringing the best of each game together, and not adding too much nonsense”.

I also asked a keen gamer and super fan of the Halo franchise, Damien Walker, 22, how he sees the change it will bring.

He said: “I think halo 4 will be game of the year and it will put every other FPS back in its place”.

So Master Chief in response to your beautiful lines, we as a community say with all the love in the world, get your lazy ass up! Since you have been gone those COD homies have been taking over your genre, so it’s about time you dust off your armour, put down that copy of the ironic War and Peace and finally take back your crown and kick some virtual ass!

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