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Published on February 6th, 2013 | by Janera Collin


Animal Crossing: New Leaf

An array of sights and sounds open up, as worlds collide in this upcoming Nintendo 3DS exclusive – Animal Crossing: New Leaf. Humans and human-like animals live together in one expansive world in which they work and play together. Players can look forward to creating their very own utopia, filled with lovable characters, an ever changing world to explore and a host of fun activities to be immersed in.

Players will step into the shoes of the new mayor in town and it will be their responsibility to make sure that their village prospers. With the help of Isabelle, the canine assistant, players will receive advice on making the most of their new home. They will also be aiming towards gaining the favour of the residents and neighbours of the village in order to improve and develop the village through the building of various structures.

Immerse yourself in the wonderful world of Animal Crossing as the new Mayor, ready to bring a new village to life

Experience the chills and spills of changing seasons, the joys of birthday parties and the interesting visits from travellers from out of town. Participate in various events and competitions from bug-catching competitions and fishing tournaments to meeting one of Santa’s reindeer for a special gift.

Animal Crossing New Leaf will not just offer fun activities and changing seasons but also a customizable world that players will be able to shape as they wish. From creating their own custom designs for clothing and furniture, to building café’s, police stations and other structures for their town. It will be possible to have up to three other players visit one village for some multiplayer exploration and Nintendo have revealed other cool multiplayer features, for all who will be looking to grab this exclusive title.

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