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Pontoon 21

Pontoon is a popular blackjack variation that’s available at many different online casinos and mobile games. It can also refer to a blackjack game played in Australia that’s similar to the Spanish 21 blackjack game, but for the most part it refers to the online game.

If you want to play Pontoon on your Android smartphone, you can download Pontoon 21 at Google Play. Play Pontoon 21 as if you were at the casino!

Pontoon is the English version of the popular table game Blackjack. While Pontoon follows the same general structure as Blackjack, there are a few major changes to the rules that make Pontoon a challenging and distinct table game.

Play Pontoon against the dealer and see who can get 21 without going bust!

  • Large high quality cards and chips
  • Leaderboard to boast your score
  • Pontoon pays 2 to 1.
  • Five Card Trick pays 2 to 1.
  • Player must twist if hand totals 14 or less.
  • Dealer must twist on soft 17 and stick on hard 17 or higher score.
  • When the game is a tie, dealer wins.
  • Split option available if the first two cards are the same, inclusive of Aces.
  • Buy (double down) option available at any time on any cards and double after split is allowed, but only once per individual hand.
  • Shuffling after half of the 6-deck cards played.


Pontoon has a very low house advantage of about 0.35%, although correct strategy for pontoon is a good deal different than basic blackjack strategy due to all the different rules and variations.

As far as playing proper pontoon strategy, we recommend a comprehensive guide to playing online pontoon from William Hill, that shows you the proper way of playing and winning.

Many blackjack players find pontoon very enjoyable as the rules make it an action game with lots of chances to double down, especially if you’re close to making a five-card hand.

The ability to double after splitting hands plus the requirement to keep hitting until your total is higher than 15 also lends more excitement, as the correct play is to keep hitting and doubling in many cases where you might otherwise just stand in a regular blackjack game.

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