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Published on March 15th, 2011 | by Kyle LeDuch


Anomaly: Warzone Earth

The first project from Polish start-up 11Bit takes the concept of Tower Defense and flips it on its head, with players in charge of a rolling motorcade where the aim is to get from A to B without succumbing to alien attacks along the way. The plot involves alien invaders and precious elements which, as an experienced commander, it’s your job to ferry weaponized convoys to sites on the other side of the map. Handily, your battlefield persona can collect power-ups such as repair modifiers, shields and artillery strikes to safeguard your convoy’s passage.

Each level offers plenty of combative options, with players needing to devise a route, choose from six different vehicles, their optimum order and upgrades. Like all great downloadable games, Warzone Earth has a deceptively simple concept which gets progressively more complicated with leaderboards and a detailed score mechanic to offer a competitive angle to the chaotic action!

Gameplay is fast-paced, and destroying massive enemies by deploying a support power at the right time is very satisfying. The campaign lasts around six hours, and each of the 14 missions takes place in different locales such as Baghdad and Tokyo, with plenty of pick-ups along the way. Expect minimal plot and maximum destruction.

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