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Published on December 26th, 2010 | by Kyle LeDuch



Only the brilliant minds at Maxis would take Spore and channel the same ideas of guiding a player’s own created species into the darkness of space, into something else entirely. Darkspore is a hack-and-slash loot-driven RPG where all the functionality and power of Spore’s most valuable commodity, the character creator, is supported with a single-player campaign, as well as multiplayer PvP for as many as eight players.

Maxis claim no two player creations will be alike, and the powerful character creator will allow untold strategic implications. The only limits are your imagination, which is definitely why they’ve only showed the multiplayer side of things thus far. The kicker is that players can switch between their creations on the fly, so 1v1 battles become a constant ‘rock, paper and scissors’-based back and forth skirmish, with players able to bring multiple characters to the arena. 4v4 battles, on the other hand, are more about maximising your team’s combined attacks and reacting to any changes in the enemy ranks.

Creations have the ability to emulate the established RPG archetypes, so expect Tanks, Healers, ranged attackers and minion-spewing creations. There will be a dedicated single-player mode too, with a plot penned by BioWare’s Malcolm Azania, of Mass Effect 2 fame.

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