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Published on October 12th, 2010 | by Kyle LeDuch


Dungeon Siege III

If spending your free time hacking your way through eerie tombs, darkened caverns and unnerving forests as you set out on a quest to defeat evil is appealing to you, then you are probably more than familiar with the RPG styling’s of Dungeon Siege, and just as excited as us with the arrival of its third installment. While Obsidian Entertainment replaces Gas Powered Games in the development hot seat, series creator Chris Taylor returns in an advisory role to ensure that the latest entry remains as true to its roots as possible.

The plot takes place in the Kingdom of Ehb, with you in the shoes of Lucas, one of the few remaining members of the renowned 10th Legion, a disgraced group of warriors that were sworn to protect the land. With the power between the rival factions of the Kingdom having become imbalanced, it now rests upon your shoulders to rebuild the Legion’s forces and prevent darkness from spreading throughout the land. Expect plenty of loot, branching paths and looks which put other role-playing games to shame.

Co-op will still form the basis of play, with local and online drop in/drop out options available. Currently, Dungeon Siege 3 is in pre-Alpha, yet it already looks stunning. With Chris Taylor in tow, this is bound to be the sequel fans have been waiting years for.

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