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Horse game at Star Stable: Where the fun is!

Although it is basically tagged as a horse game for kids, specifically, for girls; I would like to stress the fact that based on my experience, this horse game at Star Stable is generally for everyone, across different age groups, and for both sexes.

The game commences with the player constructing his or her own avatar. After creating the rider, the player then chooses a horse among the selections. The horses are surprisingly amazing. They look real; but at the same time, quite “cartoony.” I guess that is a perfect combination that entices players to engage with the game even more. The virtual skills of these horses are really well, in the sense that they move much the same way “real” horses do. This adds to the excitement the game provides.

Throughout the course of the game, the player is supposed to take part in the battle against greedy corporate gods who are determined to get rid of stables. In every quest, the player has the chance to unlock chapters which allow him/ her to race against and socialize with other characters. This part is particularly exciting because it gives the player an opportunity to explore the fields, including steep hills which are a bit challenging for the horses.

Although the game may be played through the free version, it is undoubtedly more stimulating to play the paid version. With a minimal fee, the player would have access to all the contents of the game. It also regularly provides the player star coins which are used to buy necessary stuff for the horse and for the avatar—food, decors, clothes, and others.

The visual presentation of the game is exceptional as its graphics are of high quality. It is also able to strike a perfect combination of the right colours and designs. Indeed, this horse game may be said to be at the same level with other more complex MMORPGs.

For players who would like to try Star Stable, it is good to note that it runs better using internet explorer; it works in other systems though.

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