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Published on June 20th, 2013 | by Kyle LeDuch


Sacred 3 – Preview

Sacred, as a series, has never quite reached its potential. It’s always had most of the right boxes ticked, essentially being a Diablo clone with its own unique high fantasy setting, coupled with a decent RPG system that created some interesting moments. The trouble is, despite everything just said, it always felt a bit half arsed, as if the developers had forgotten when the deadlines were, or (more likely) fallen asleep after reading the plot summary. Ascaron Entertainment, developers of the first two games, have closed shop since Sacred 2: Fallen Angel, but with the rights picked up by Deep Silver, and with a new developer at the helm, the Sacred series is far from dead.

Once again we’re returning to the world of Ancaria, though apparently 900 years after the events of the second game. The world has forgotten about the Seraphim and the role they play in keeping the peace, and the Ashen Empire has since risen with Lord Zane at its head. The story will pit you as one of a group of heroes opposing the Ashen Empire, as Lord Zane seeks to claim an artefact called the Heart of Ancaria from the Seraphim by opening portals to the underworld, flooding the land with demons.

Sacred 3 is not going to deviate to far from the gameplay of the franchise, still consisting of your standard hack and slash fare, coupled together with combat arts, Sacred’s version of special abilities. The classes from the second game are gone, and though Deep Silver and Keen Games are holding their cards very close to their chests, the two classes that have been announced are the Ancarian Lancer and the Safiri Warrior. There’s a strong emphasis on multiplayer and cooperative gameplay, with combat arts from different classes that can be chained together to increase both damage and score. Despite Deep Silver’s insistence that Sacred 3 will not be a MMORPG the game will feature 4 player co-op permanently, and even should you decide to take the game on in single-player, Sacred 3 will provide 3 A.I. controlled party members.

Deep Silver seems to have taken the criticisms from the second game to heart, and are making efforts to release Sacred 3 with as few of the flaws that haunted the franchise as possible. With regards to the bugs and glitches that plagued the previous title, Martin Wein, PR manager at Deep Silver, has stated that quality assurance will be a big part of the process. Likewise, the screenshots are showing a vibrant and fantastically crisp world, a stark contrast to the somewhat bland graphics of Sacred 2.

Sacred 3 – Screenshots

It’s too early to tell whether Sacred 3 is going to be the game everybody is hoping it will be, but the signs are all positive. With a strong focus on action packed, cooperative gaming backed up with gorgeous visuals, Sacred 3 might just be a worthy contender to the hack and slash throne.

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