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Published on April 27th, 2011 | by Kyle LeDuch


Section 8: Prejudice

Taking over publisher duties this time around, TimeGate Studios are deadly serious about their successor to Section 8. Prejudice includes all of the revolutionary features from the original, including the super-power-enthusing armor, Dynamic Combat Missions and the ability to spawn wherever gamers wish, but our impressions gleamed from a recent session with the sequel was how everything is improved and much larger in scope.

Take the campaign for instance. The original was little more than a glorified tutorial which made little to no effort to explore the universe, but now gamers can expect a five-hour campaign chronicling the war between the USIF and renegade Orion faction. Alex Corde again stars, as the plot kicks off with the Orion faction trying to save a captured general from an enemy stronghold. The opening hour is all about chasing the fleeing prisoner while ensuring you eat as little enemy fire as possible. The campaign still feels like a bot skirmish retooled, with scripted events and higher enemy counts, a la Frontlines: Fuel of War, with cut-scenes to add color.

The developers recognize that the original let down a lot of people in the fiction department, and they’re looking to redeem themselves. That said, the campaign is still just one part of the equation, as players will get to experience new weapons, an enhanced loadout system with new skills which unlock per progression and new DCMs to add more flavor to the typical capture point style game mode. Best described as side missions to the main action, teams will have to complete objectives such as escorting a VIP or achieve a designated kill tally in a certain timeframe. On completion, these extra missions add further tickets to the match counter and grant each player more cash to spend on deployable turrets, tanks, mechs and an all-new anti-gravity speeder.

Section 8 was a shooter about choice and that hasn’t changed, with players still able to enter overdrive (sprint x10), use the jetpack and auto lock-on that allows gamers to track on their target automatically for a short time, charge permitting. Anti-air fire is still a massive headache, restricting your drops to neutral or friendly territory, but the effect of applying the air brakes too late during drops has been nullified. You can still glide to your location, rather than smashing metal-first into the rock, and carry out pitch perfect landings on high ground. Choosing where to spawn still feels as refreshingly different as it did in 2009.

40-player skirmishes will be supported on PC, with all-new maps set on more than just baron rockland and there’s also an expanded in-game stats portal catering for clans and fans alike. Apparently they want to over deliver on fans expectations and it seems Section 8 2 will do that in spades.

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