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Published on June 16th, 2013 | by Swaine Dillinger


Batman: Arkham Origins – Preview

Batman: Arkham Origins is the latest in the Batman franchise published by Warner Bros Interactive, but this time around not developed by Rocksteady, who worked on both the previous games. Considering the success of both Asylum and City, I’m a little anxious about the release of Origins, but based on the trailers, it still seems to hold a fair amount of potential. Luckily the new developers haven’t decided to change it up too much, and Origins will feature similar gameplay to the other games.

There are also some new gadget introductions like the Remote Claw, which will allow Batman to target two objects or enemies and pull them together. Using it to join two walled points will allow Batman to create a tightrope that he can then walk across. Other gadgets will make a return, including the Batarang, the Explosive Gel and the Cryptographic Sequencer.

Another new introduction is the fast travel system, which will allow Batman to summon the Batwing to transport him to other areas of the map. Honestly I’m not sure how I feel about this, as half the fun of getting from location to location is traversing the city, but let’s see how this plays out. There are limitations, as enemy towers in certain areas will have to be disabled before the Batwing can be summoned. You also won’t be able to fly this craft as the Batwing is not player controlled.

Batman will be able to improve his reputation by assisting the Gotham City Police Department with “Crimes in Progress”. The “Most Wanted” mode also allows Batman to pursue villains outside of the main storyline, and he can use his radio scanner to locate various side missions.

A large cast of characters will be present in the Origins story including Joker, Captain Gordon, Penguin, Bane, Deadshot and Alfred. Arkham Origins also debuts Black Mask, Deathstroke Anarky, Commissioner Loeb and Alberto Falcone.

Arkham Origins is set several years before the events in Arkham Asylum in Gotham City. Batman is not yet recognised as the superhero portrayed in the previous games, and the police are still unsure as to his vigilante status. The section of Gotham that will later become Arkham City prison is not yet walled off, or flooded.

In terms of storyline, the Black Mask, ruler of Gotham’s criminal underworld after having done away with his rivals, has now placed a bounty on Batman’s head however, and he must discover why. The Gotham City police department are not yet Batman’s allies, so he has more than just the criminals to contend with.

Batman: Arkham Origins Trailer (Youtube)

Even with my anxiety around a new developer, I am incredibly excited about this game. The trailers still have a wonderful amount of tension, the storyline looks exciting, and I’m a big fan of the Batman games in general, so this is one I’ll be waiting for with baited breath. Arkham Origins will be released later this year across all major platforms.

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