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Published on December 6th, 2010 | by Hubert McReed


Fight Night Champion

If Fight Night Round 4 was best known for its amazing physics engine, Champion will probably be better remembered for its impressive new control scheme. Champion’s built around the idea of giving the player the ultimate control over their boxer, with EA Sports introducing ‘Reflexive Blocking’ and building on the wonderfully fluid analogue stick controls explored in the last game.

Forget Total Punch Control, Champion’s system is going all the way. It’s called ‘Full Spectrum Punch Control’ and it’s the most advanced control scheme seen in a boxing game, yet it’s also been made less complicated. Left and right hooks are now performed by simply flicking the right analogue stick left and right, while more advanced moves are pulled off using simple arching gestures. Haymakers have also been given the heave-ho, replaced by a modifier button that strengthens your standard punches. There’s no visual cue to your opponent when you modify your punch, meaning there’s less chance of them attacking you while you wind up your attack, but if you miss, you’ll leave yourself wide open to a devastating counter.

Blocking in Fight Night has now been made fully automated, with boxers blocking themselves from your opponents attacks to both the head and body. All you need to do is hold the block button and the AI will do the rest.

In a sense, yes, but the new blocking mechanic means you can now block and weave much more easily, and prepare yourself better for counter attacks without getting muddled on the buttons. The corner game has been automated as well, and while we’re sure it’ll divide the audience, it also adds an extra layer of tactics. Your behavior during the round has a direct influence on your recovery rate, so if you’re swinging wildly and missing during a round, you won’t just be left low on stamina and power, but also have your chances of recovery affected at the break, and being left more vulnerable during the next round.

So far we’ve seen a fist-flying bout between David Haye and Ray Jones Jr., as well as appearances from Manny Pacquiao and Shane Mosley. Each boxer has their own unique animations this time around too, with some of their real-world counterparts providing motion capture for a lifelike on-screen performance. Mike Tyson’s one of them, so hold onto your ears.

There’s still no date yet, though EA have told us the game still has a few months to go in development. Expect a launch around June.

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