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Published on July 24th, 2013 | by Kyle LeDuch


Grand Theft Auto V – Preview

Despite actually showing very little of Grand Theft Auto V to either the press or fans, Rockstar are still playing a blinder when it comes to promoting their open-world sequel. They know gamers are world over are clamouring for any details they can get their claws on regarding, vehicle inclusions, activities, story morsels, gameplay types and landmarks located in the refreshed state of San Andreas.

Sure, gamers have been there before in the suitably titled GTA: San Andreas, but the state seems to have gone through a dramatic transformation with player soon able to go scuba diving, take part in tennis matches, dust crops, take military super jets for a quick spin, hunt bounties and cycle against others in endurance events.

All these tertiary activities are nowhere near as exciting as the game’s branching tri-protagonist narrative, with players able to switch between Franklin, Michael and Trevor on the fly, both during missions and while just fooling around in the game world.

Whichever protagonists you aren’t favouring at any given time will go about their lives and when you want to switch to one of them in the middle of one of their daily duties – be it talking with friends, hassling hoodlums or running from the police. The opportunity for more of Rockstar’s trademark satire of Western life is ample here and the ability to plan heist missions before you execute them is also a big plus.

Most impressive of all, the gameplay footage shown comes from the PS3 version, so even though Rockstar aren’t using next-gen hardware, this game is still set to look absolutely beautiful.

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