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Published on December 7th, 2010 | by Richard Motokovsky


Infamous 2

Thank the maker for Sucker Punch. After a successful venture with a new IP, most developers might be more than happy to give gamers more of the same with little deviation from the core formula. After all, if it ain’t broke, why fix it? Yet from what we’ve played of it so far, this sequel appears to improve on all of inFamous’ key concepts while adding some brand-new ones into the already brilliant mix.

The setting has moved from the greyer than grey Manhattan setting to a more temperate southern locale of New Marais (hence Cole losing the jacket), allowing Sucker Punch to experiment more with the environment. We witnessed graveyards, swamps and more traditional urban motifs which have been updated and increased destructibility, with players now able to destroy choice elements of the scenery, such as sniper towers, allowing further combative potential.

Cole’s power set has also drastically evolved, now packing new ice-centric abilities and a giant melee-based electrical prong – dubbed the Amp. This impressive apparatus is mainly for hitting enemies around the head with, but when enhanced with Cole’s electrical channelling, it can be used to take down entire groups of enemies via powered-up combos and finishers, of which six have so far been revealed. The original inFamous excelled in long-range combat and it’s very encouraging to see the sequel offer more up-close possibilities, which feel both impactful and empowering.

The new version of Cole proved controversial when he was first unveiled at this year’s E3, and thankfully the developers have scaled back his reinvention with the protagonist still recognisable from before. He has new abilities and a slightly more angsty voice, but he’s still just as loveably flawed and moody. He’s as far away from the Nathan Drake archetype as possible, which should lead to a noticeably unique story experience.

Speaking of which, inFamous 2 involves an all-new mysterious threat known as the Corrupted. Our short game demo featured taking down a selection of the grotesque mutated enemies which had cartilage and bone protruding from all of their disgusting extremities. Sucker Punch were tight-lipped regarding their origin but we suspect that they will be the main enemy presence, alongside the shady government soldiers who consistently fail in trying reign in our unlikely hero.

inFamous excelled in long-range combat and it’s encouraging to see the sequel offer more up-close possibilities

Currently development is only focusing on the single-player side of things, and our hosts wouldn’t be pressed on whether 3D, Move or any kind of multiplayer functionality would feature. However, with the game set for release sometime during 2011, there’s still plenty of time for megaton back-of-the-box features to be unveiled.

Even though our play session with inFamous 2 was extremely brief – only featuring around 30 minutes of gameplay in total – it’s very clear from what we saw that Sucker Punch aren’t leaving any stone unturned when it comes to improving this already brilliant franchise. All of these new additions feel like the kind of evolution every sequel should go through, though many rarely do, and for reason every gamer should have this title on their radar. We can’t wait to find out what else the developers have up their sleeves over the coming months. Be excited, very excited.

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