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Killzone 3

Bringing the Helghast into eye-popping 3D and drawing players into the experience with the Playstation 3’s Move controller is just the tip of the iceberg for Guerrilla Game’s gritty vision of future war. With so many titles battling it out to be the top dog of online shooters, Guerrilla Games have their sights set on the jugular, promising that Killzone 3 will have the same legs as the current heavyweights of the online battlefield.

Keen to build on the accomplishments and failings of 2009’s Killzone 2, Guerrilla has delved deep into the well of player feedback, thoroughly reading comments and tweaking the multiplayer mechanics based on players’ recommendations.

In particular, Killzone 3 goes as far back to simplifying its menu system. A new matchmaking system built from the ground up promises to let players find their friends quickly and simply – with as few menus to trawl through and button prompts as possible.

Five unique classes are on offer, including Medic, Tactician, Infiltrator and marksman, each more refined, and with substantial careers that reward your loyalty and successes with unique weapons and abilities. For example, the marksman can make use of a cloaking device, rendering him invisible to enemies and allowing you to use some sneaky tactics.

Guerrilla promises that Killzone 3 will have the same legs as the current online heavyweights

There is a balance to these unique abilities, of course. Some have limited use. The cloaking device won’t work when running around for example, so unless you plan to crawl across the battlefield, use it wisely.

It was in Guerrilla Warfare, Killzone 3’s Team Deathmatch world with a slight twist, where we got to give these classes a test run. Guerrilla Warfare sees players gun it out in expansive environments while capturing waypoints that allow your team to respawn closer to the battle. Players will also be able to make use of their clunky jetpacks for aerial assaults and bigger and better Exoskeletons to throw their weight around.

A second new mode that made an appearance, Operations, draws scenarios akin to those from the single-player offering, where teams of ISA and Helghast must defend or infiltrate the opponent’s base as the ISA completes small objectives to hold back the Helghast. Each bout opens with a hugely impressive cinematic introduction, and each one is totally unique depending on which side you are on.

Completing objectives activates further cut-scenes to show how your efforts have affected the battlefield. For example, reaching a switch that turns on vents to cloak open areas with smoke drives your opponents into using different tactics while allowing you to sneak through the fog. Guerrilla Games have also implemented these features into standard multiplayer modes, allowing players to detonate level-altering switches, while Operations also makes use of Killzone 3’s dynamic cut-scenes to put a spotlight on the top players of each round and highlight their heroic feats.

Guerrilla Games are keen to open up the Killzone 3 multiplayer experience to a wider audience. The approach to this is encouraging rewards for a wide variety of rewards and unranked battles, allowing newcomers to gently settle in rather than be thrown into the deep end with a heavy suit of armour, gun in hand.

But that’s not to say they’ve forgotten about the hardcore gamers. In fact, those who are keen to clan together will receive all the encouragement and incentive they need. For example, getting together with friends and ‘squading up’ will gain you tactical advantages on the battlefield, such as private headset chat, unique HUD displays and rewards.

We’ve only managed to scratch the surface of the extensive work Guerrilla Games has put into Killzone 3. With 45 ranks and over 100 medals to attain, as well as many more unlockables, if it can pull them away from the tough competition, Killzone 3 could well have gamers hooked long after it launches next February.

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