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Published on May 3rd, 2010 | by prime


SBKX – Preview

As people who are just as likely to start a career in motorcycle racing as they are becoming the next trainers at SeaWorld, we approached Milestone’s latest two-wheeled racer with a certain hesitation. We’ve never quite understood the relevance of using one set of brakes over the other, for example, and haven’t ever been able to get our head around the relatively sluggish, weight-shifting handling. But then how should we know any differently? Almost every superbike game up until now has assumed that those who touch them are avid followers of the sport, preconditioned with the knowledge of the intricacies of two-wheeled racing. As a result, they’re always fairly unforgiving on a bike virgin like ourselves.

So, you can imagine the sense of astonishment we experienced when we crossed the line in first place during our very first place during our first race of SBKX. We was playing Arcade mode, of course, the biggest addition to this year’s version of SBK that Milestone hopes will attract a completely new audience to its typically hardcore racer.

And it works. The handling model is far more responsive and infinitely more accessible, complete with a familiar green and red racing line warning riders when’s most appropriate to brake and accelerate. The likelihood of spinning out on corners is reduced, brakes kick into gear far more quickly and, dare we say it, we’re actually having fun.

Of course, the focus on offering a new ‘casual friendly’ mode doesn’t mean that Milestone has forgotten about its core fanbase, and indeed, upon switching over to the game’s Simulation mode we once again found ourselves in an all-too familiar position at the back of the pack, where the sense of speed offered by the beast between our butt cheeks was abruptly replaced by the feeling of sand chafing against our leathers.

The difference between the two handling models is almost night and day, with Simulation requiring a far more subtle application of the accelerator and brakes, and far greater awareness of your opponent’s whereabouts, the track’s hazards and the optimal racing line.

There are different levels of simulation too, including Low, Medium and Full, for those who don’t want to lower themselves to Arcade mode, but find the full effects of Simulation a bit too tough, and more subtle elements as well, like the buildup of rubber left on dry surfaces offering more grip. There’s plenty on offer to extend replayability too, including a 16-player multiplayer mode as well as multiple race options within Arcade and Simulation, including Story mode, Career, Championship and Time Attack offerings. Plenty to keep you occupied then.

However, if there’s one area where SBK falls it’s that it doesn’t seem to have quite the same level of flair as its greatest competitor, MotorGP. It’s the Forza Motorsport to MotoGP’s Gran Turismo if you will, but likewise it shares an enviable understanding of the sport, and one that puts SBKX in the running as the greatest superbike racer of all time. We’ll find out whether SBKX can stomach the (tyre) pressure next month.

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4 Responses to SBKX – Preview

  1. Fonsie says:

    In my search to the best moto game, i have found it in sbkx. Motogp 06/07 on x360 where great fun and good games, motogp 08 on ps3 was in my oppinion the best so far with a few problems.
    Motogp 09/10 ahum….disaster, but looks good.
    Sbk 08 was really good but with a few problems, sbk 09 was a step backwards with less problems.
    But now i have been playing sbk x for a week now, and i am loving it. It,s not easy for newbies, but if you love gp or sbk in real live and you will take you time for sbk x, you will see no better game than this.
    The controls and riding model are perfect and the bike is unstable when you brake wrong or go into or exit a corner wrong. The bike slides perfectly.
    And if you have some circuit knowledge en know you braking points and accalerate at the right time, it plays smoothly.
    I prefer the x360 game over the ps3, the x360 controller suits the game better and its looks a little cleaner/sharper on the x360. The ps3 has brightner color and a better sound.
    If you love sbk/gp GET IT!!!!!!

  2. Fonsie says:

    Sorry for the double post.
    But the secret with two brakes is….
    When you enter a (sharp) corner brake with your front brake, you can use your rear brake with it too.
    When youre gonna steer into the corner dont hit the trottle but let the bike roll trough the corner. If youre cornering to fast you can use youre rear brake to correct it, and it slows you a bit down and you take the corner tightner(sharper).
    Hit the trottle when you have almost exit the corner and have a clear path to go full trottle.
    Hope this helps for newbies.

  3. igcompany says:

    Nice graphics. I feel bad right now for not having a PS3:(

  4. The SBKx is a such a great bike with nice control for every people and here describe some great feature of this nice stuff for every one..

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