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Published on January 2nd, 2011 | by Swaine Dillinger


Shift 2 Unleashed

Dropping the Need for Speed name is just the beginning for Slightly Mad Studio’s ambitious racing sequel. With a new emphasis on realism – with the approachability more hardcore sims are missing – this racer carries on the traditions of the original with a new Career mode, new helmet view and improved high octane wheel-to-wheel action.

The original gave new meaning to the words ‘onboard view’ with a camera which faithfully emulated the g-forces of racing, and the sequel completely out does this with a new helmet cam. In this view an orange transparent overlay wraps around the screen, and the head movement of the driver you’re embodying is fully simulated, resulting in a camera which gravitates towards the racing line and the apex of corners. It’s a strange effect, but one which no racer has offered before, successfully dismissing the sterile competitive experience other games offer.

Night racing is also included, as well as a Career mode which lets you race in the official FIA GT1 and GT3 championships.

Slightly Mad Studio’s debut was a revelation when it appeared in 2009, but it wasn’t perfect. By tweaking the Career mode and borrowing NFS: Hot Pursuit’s Autolog feature, this is sure to be a much improved package. A short discussion we had with the game’s producer revealed that the devs want SHIFT 2 to return the fear of speed to racing games. A notion every motorsport fan can get behind.

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