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Published on March 8th, 2011 | by Swaine Dillinger


The 3rd Birthday – Preview

Gamers have patiently waited over a decade for a new game in the well-received Parasite Eve saga, and now, finally, we have one. But it’s not called Parasite Eve 3, although (thankfully) The 3rd Birthday does feature the series’ heroine, Aya Brea in the lead role.

The game starts, as you would expect from a Square-Enix game, with a beautifully created and dramatic FMV sequence. This introduces the story perfectly, as giant tentacled beasts (named the Twisted) attack a busy Manhattan that’s packed full of Christmas shoppers.

Get into the gameplay itself, and Aya is soon thrust into the action. With monsters rapidly decimating New York, you and a squad of SWAT soldiers have to systematically work your way through the city, destroying anything in your path that’s not human.

The action is viewed via a third-person perspective, with a wide range of weapons to choose from (you can have four on-board at any time), a clever cover system and a new feature that Square are calling ‘Overdive’. Here, you can target a member of the SWAT team and take over his mind, giving you the ability to hop from character to character and allowing you to attack your enemy from all sides. It’s a great feature, and adds real depth and tactical thought to the gameplay.

The 3rd Birthday is shaping up to be a very worthy addition to the Parasite Eve legacy, and with some frantic action, deep atmosphere and stunning graphics, could well be an essential PSP game release for 2011.

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