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Published on June 18th, 2013 | by Janera Collin


Game & Wario

Nintendo has been known for taking its older successful titles and reworking them, utilizing the same characters and ideas from previous generations and revamping them for each new console they bring out. The question anyone should ask is: Does it work? Well, do fish swim in water?

Game & Wario is yet another Nintendo re-make, or rather a continuation of the WarioWare mini games that have featured as either separate titles, or as mini games in other Nintendo titles. Each set of mini games that players will have to complete is based around a particular character from the WarioWare crew.

The Wii-U game pad comes to life as a bow and arrow, sketchpad, dance floor and as many other paraphernalia that players must use to complete given challenges. Players take part in various games, helping the quirky, funky and downright weird Wario Ware characters in completing 16 amusing levels. The Wii-U’s gyroscope ability will get players guiding the afro toting Jimmy T on the slopes or using the game pad as a camera to help Mona snap a pic for the latest scoop; various other uses will be possible with each game.

The Wario Ware team is back with its zany characters and whacky mini games, sure to display the potential capabilities of the Nintendo Wii U

The title will feature an artwork community, integrated with the Wii-U’s social network Mii-Verse, allowing players to share their artwork through the MiiVerse Sketch community. Players will be able to browse through the artwork others have posted on the sketch community or they can play a quick-sketch mini game in which they must attempt to recreate one of the available drawings in 60 seconds.

Game & Wario is a great way to enjoy the diverse capabilities of the Wii U, enjoying the eccentric characters and peculiar games.

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