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Wii Party – Preview

Wii Party. Alone those words should represent enjoyment and good times, yet put them together and you’ll hear the groans of pessimistic gamers everywhere. That’s not to say it isn’t a justified groan, as a name like that assures big sales and chart dominance for months to come, despite the game itself being made up of cheap little thrills. But with Nintendo hosting this shindig, you shouldn’t be so quick to decline the invite.

Wii Party borrows a similar template to former party-’em-up Mario Party, replacing Nintendo’s infamous cast of plumbers and princesses with your own band of colorful Miis. There’s a standard Party mode, which in one instance sees characters playing on luck with the dice to make their way up a perilous mountain. Along the way they can be hindered or boosted up the board by the likes of aerodactyles or totems who will fling you up the map.

House Party games transform the Wii Remote into a playing object

Of course, it’s the mini-games where gamers are tested on their skills rather than their luck. The likes of Derby Dash are bound to bring back fond memories of taming Link’s steed Epona in Ocarina of Time, while Back Attack seemed to borrow a lot of inspiration from the likes of Bomberman.

Another play style is Pair Party, which asks you and a friend to work co-operatively – an example of this being Balance Boat. Perform well as a team in co-op minigames and you’ll be rewarded with smaller, lighter Miis who do little to rock the boat. Perform badly and you’ll be given taller, heavier Miis capable of capsizing your vessel.

It’s the House Party games which are bound to turn a few heads, as they transform the Wii Remote itself into a playing object rather than a means of control. Hide ‘n’ Hunt, for example, requires one player to hide the Remote in the room while others listen out for sounds emitting from its speaker. It’s the sort of gimmick that’s bound to have naysayers up in arms but it’s this kind of intuitive thinking that has us a little intrigued.

Wii Party is bound to be nit-picked at for its simplistic nature, as it’s hardly a polygon-crunching megaton boasting grandiose story-telling and a triple-A status. At the end of the day though, that really is missing the point here, as Wii Party does exactly as it says on the tin and even dares to think a little outside of the box, too. For that reason, we’re willing to accept Nintendo’s invite, even if we’re clearly going to make total fools out of ourselves in Flap Hurdles.

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