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Published on June 21st, 2013 | by Swaine Dillinger


Armored Core: Verdict Day – Preview

The future is bleak. Marred by war and ravaged of its resources, it is no place for man to live. Only the desolate grounds known as No Man’s Land offer any form of hope. As the last remaining land with resources, and with every other faction seeking to claim this land for themselves, No Man’s Land is no safe haven. Survival lies in these resources, scavenged and fought for, bringing war to an era in need of peace.

In a future ravaged by war, players must battle for resources and territory in this tactical action packed mech simulation.

Players can anticipate dashing through bullet hazed levels, weaving through enemy fire, battling through devastated landscapes while in command of a squadron of Armored Core Units. This fast paced, third-person shooter puts players in the seat of these customizable war machines, with the ability to cause mass destruction to all who stand in their way.

Innovative customization will see players tweak their mech load out with over 150 parts, using these upgrades to strategically adapt the weapon system for optimum destruction.

Fight through 7 battle ridden continents, from dusty desert dunes to frigid snow-capped terrain in 90 new missions. Be part of a faction, taking control of enemy territory and strive to be the dominant force.

Take the action online alone or with friends and lay waste to anyone who stands in the way of victory. Players will have the option of taking unmanned, A.I units equipped with A.I chips that will allow them to adapt and fight strategically, balancing the playing field in online matches.

The previous instalment was not so well received however, this newest title is being built to address its predecessor’s failures. How that will fare we shall see as the title shows much potential.

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