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Call of Duty: Black Ops 2

The latest edition of the Call of Duty franchise pushes the limits of the first person shooter genre. The developers behind this game could have taken it easy and simply developed a substandard product; luckily they didn’t. If you are looking for a reputable online retailer of this game, Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 available at Tesco. You can get it there and spare yourself from the hassle of looking for an online game store.

The single player setting has two connected storylines, one set in the Cold War spanning the 1970s and 1980s and the other set in a new Cold War between China and America in 2025. In the earlier setting, you play as Alex Mason. You get to play the new character of his son, David Mason in the new Cold War that takes place in 2025. The storyline is so immersive that you sometimes forget you are playing a game; it is definitely the best narrative of the franchise yet.

There are new mission types, along with new decision points that will decide the rest of the storyline. In a nice twist on the somewhat linear storylines of the previous games, failing mission objectives open up new missions rather than sending you to the restart screen.

Of course, many players will be buying this game for the multiplayer action. They will not be disappointed, nor will fans of Call of Duty Zombie mode, which makes its return with a number of new features. Multiplayer Kill Streaks are gone; they have been replaced by the similar and more user-friendly Score Streaks. Rather than having to make all your kills in a row, you can now earn score points from “positive gameplay.” So you can earn rewards from positive actions like capturing a flag, as well as making a kill.

Class creation has had an overhaul too. Now you are provided with ten character points to pick and choose your weapons and perks. The addition of Wild Cards allows players to break the rules of player classes, allowing almost full character customisation.

As part of the single player campaign is set in the future, there are plenty of futuristic weapons and equipment to play with. For example, the Millimeter Wave Scanner allows players to see through walls; it will strike fear into the heart of every camper!

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