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Published on June 14th, 2013 | by Kyle LeDuch



If one were to mention Marvel comics, it is no doubt that a series of certain mutants come to mind. Metal-claws, iron suits and Norse gods are some examples, but the Marvel universe is… Colossal (no pun intended… maybe). So it come as no surprise then, that a Marvel title, soon to grace our gaming consoles, will feature Marvel characters that some would only very vaguely know. True Marvel fans however will be pleased to know that the weapons expert, sword master merc-with-a-mouth Deadpool will be starring in his very own game. The plot follows Deadpool’s latest assignment, the assassination of an infamous news reporter. The evil genius Mister Sinister is also part of the plot, as he seeks to acquire DNA samples from the mutant haven Genosha, in order to build his own army.

The game will feature a roster of mutants that many might not recognize without being Marvel fans who have followed the worlds and characters of the expansive Marvel universe. The roster consists of protagonist Deadpool (of course) and his array of melee weapons and armaments. Cable, the son of Cyclops and Madelyne Pryor (a clone of Jean Grey) as well as his girlfriend Domino (a mutant marks woman) and the telekinetic martial artists Psylocke. Antagonist, Mister Sinister, the genetically altered mutant and general mastermind will oppose Deadpool through his band of mutants known as the Marauders. The Marauders consist of perception altering mutant Vertigo, beefed up, shockwave blasting chick Arclight and the brute of a mutant Blockbuster. Also to appear in game is the embodiment mutant-being, Death, the ever present Marvel legend Wolverine and other familiar guest characters.

The game will be played from a third person perspective giving players an all guns-blazing, barrel of fun experience or some gory head-chopping stealth attacks. An interactive Deadpool will speak to players frequently, based on the players’ skill and progress. Progression through the game will allow players to upgrade Deadpool’s range of combos and actions. These combos personify Deadpool’s character in both their brutality and at times humour. Although Deadpool will be armed, by default, with his customary gun and sword, a series of weapons will also be available for use from sledgehammers to sais to laser guns and more.

Deadpool’s mutant ability of accelerated healing will be visible in game as Deadpool’s body slowly breaks down should he sustain damage. Reattaching severed limbs or waiting for them to grow back are options players will face as they lead the merc through enemy frontlines.

This title is not for the faint-hearted who pass out at the sight of blood…as the game features quite a lot of it. If it’s not through the decapitation of enemies it will be through the dismembering of limbs or the resultant blood stains on the floor. In short, players will be getting the full Deadpool experience, complete with his arrogant humour, skilful brutality and signature Chimichangas.

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