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Published on June 19th, 2013 | by Swaine Dillinger


Madden NFL 25

The National Football League (or NFL, as it’s more popularly known) is one of the biggest sporting franchises for Electronic Arts, and while there isn’t a great amount of support from South Africa’s shore, it’s a popular as ever elsewhere.

The latest title to be released, Madden NFL 25, is the 25th anniversary of the entire series, and EA opted to add the ‘25’ at the end of the name, instead of the usual numbering, which would have been NFL 14.

Previous titles have improved a lot over the years, with better graphics, hit detection and animations, but this iteration promises to be the best one yet. In a quest to deliver the best experience, the title will once again make use of the Infinity Engine 2, which will provide better physics simulation, and will also introduce the new Force Impact System.

It promises to be the best NFL games of the last 25 years

Apart from all the players and teams included into the playable roster, EA will also be doing things a bit different this year, as they opted to include all 17 NFL referee head officials into the game with their likeness.

Players can look forward to clashing with some of the biggest names in the NFL as they try to lead their team to victory for the all-important Super Bowl win at the end of the season. Players will have to make a decision on how to lead their team – either as a player, or as a manager.

While the franchise has never really disappointed, it seems as though EA is going all-out with NFL 25, updating the graphics, the physics and game dynamics. If players are into a bit of rough and tough sports, NFL 25 will be right up their alley.

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