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Published on November 28th, 2010 | by Kyle LeDuch


Upcoming Batman Arkham City Game

Batman makes his long-awaited gaming return next year, this time with an entire open world to save which is nearly five times the size of Arkham Asylum. The easiest way to up the ante in a sequel is to add more, and Arkham City won’t disappoint with new gadgets, new (and very welcome) antagonists in Two Face and Cat Woman, with The Joker once again pulling everybody’s strings.

Seeing as Batman: Arkham Asylum was a such phenomenal success, new information hasn’t been quite as forthcoming as before, but it has been confirmed that there will be double the amount of fighting moves this time around, and most of the core gadgets which gamers found under their cape in the first game will be available as soon as you start Arkham City’s campaign.

It says a lot that the release date for this mouth-watering title is over a year away, yet gamers everywhere are clamouring to know everything there is about Batman’s return. Bruce Wayne’s alter ego is hotter than lava at the moment, and we wouldn’t be surprised if Rocksteady Studios managed to craft another masterpiece. We can’t wait to learn more.

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