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Published on March 3rd, 2013 | by Kyle LeDuch


Destiny a new MMO from Bungie

Usually when a new game has its big unveiling one would expect to see some screenshots and maybe some footage to get potential fans excited but Destiny had none of that. Bungie’s ‘big reveal’ simply had concept art and trailers with different talking heads waxing lyrical about the next game from the studio that gave the world Halo. That isn’t to say we didn’t find out a lot though, like the facts that the “connected class-based shooter” would involve a persistent online world with players creating their own characters or that there won’t be a need to fork out a monthly fee to play Destiny even though a lot of its gameplay elements sound very MMO-like.

If anything Bungie seem to be doing all they can to avoid the Massively Multiplay Online label, even though Destiny will boast town-like hubs where players can team up, compare gear and take part in live events, but seeing as this game is trying to appeal to console audiences maybe Activision doesn’t want to scare off the casual crowd.

The story sounds typically Bungie too, with remnants of humanity exploring the solar system after being saved from a near-extinction level event by a mystical being known as ‘The Traveller.’

This reveal posed as many new questions as it answered, but it’s good to have an inclination of what Bungie are up to next.


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