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Published on September 11th, 2010 | by prime



While Dungeon Keeper 2’s release may seem like aeons ago, it’s nothing compared to the eternity of dark, dank and squalid living conditions faced by the Dungeon Lord in Dungeons, an inventive yet cosily familiar dungeon-building game currently in development at upstart studio Realmforge.

Well, we say the dungeons found in Dungeons are squalid, but that’s totally your choosing. The core idea behind Dungeons is simple: as the Dungeon Lord you must tempt legendary heroes into exploring your dungeon by furnishing it with ‘gimmicks’ like deadly pits, archive rooms, stashes of gold and monsters, before slaying them for loot. More loot equals more cash to build more gimmicks, and more gimmicks means a steady stream of heroes.

It isn’t just a simple case of building and killing ad infinitum, and Realmforge has added an additional layer of strategy via Hero Requirements. The heroes are what Realmforge refer to as ‘walking resources’, and to get the most out of them you’ll have to fulfill certain needs. For example, some heroes may hear tales of a mythical beast roaming your dungeon, and allowing them to slay it will increase the amount of resources they drop once you kill them. Others will want to prove themselves by navigating certain traps, and many more will want to have a duel with the Dungeon Lord himself.

Some impressive ideas and a decent-sounding mission structure could ensure this action/management romp turns out to be the game dungeon keepers have been waiting for over a decade.

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