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Published on September 23rd, 2010 | by prime


Dynasty Warriors Online

Playing a Dynasty Warriors game often elicits an equal measure of nostalgic pleasure and wistful frustration. From a distance it always looks like someone is having an obscene amount of fun, as the guy on screen slices and dices through waves of goons, but you often wonder who the lucky person might be, especially when you look at the controller in your hands and realize it’s not you. But that’s okay though, because it looks fun, right?

Actually, the idea of Dynasty Warriors is fun, and the thought of an online version is appealing for all sorts of reasons, not least because MMO combat is necessarily detached anyway, and rarely do you go up against mobs the size of armies – which is what Dynasty Warriors has always been about. Throw in the prospect of co-operative tactical play and PvP and you can mark us down as interested. If the MMO features are as deep as the combat is frantic, we could be in for a treat.

The game is currently in closed Beta, although there’s plenty of info out there, especially since the game has been live in Japan since 2006. What’s interesting in this 2010 iteration is that it’s also being released for PS3. With Final Fantasy XIV on a similar course, it looks like an important year for Japanese MMOs.

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