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Published on July 26th, 2010 | by prime


Ghost Recon: Future Soldier

Middle East meets West

We’re not, nor have ever been, soldiers here at Game Uber, but from what we understand, the biggest problem a soldier faces on the battlefield is being spotted by the enemy, and thus being shot at by the enemy. But what if you could avoid that problem altogether by making your infantry invisible to the naked eye? That, apparently, is the theory behind the tech currently being prototyped for real-world warfare, and in usual Ghost Recon-style, something the next game’s looking to make significant use of.

Invisible War?

Well precisely, and the Ghosts really are living up to their name in Ubisoft’s next Ghost Recon, strapping on an optical camo suit to effectively make themselves invisible, and heighten the element of stealth and surprise teased in previous games. You won’t just be stuck in the same sand-ridden environment this time either, with Future Soldier taking the Ghosts on a tour of Asia and Northern Europe alongside the usual Middle Eastern locations. The demo we’ve seen shows the Ghosts sent in to clear out hostiles from a Russian coastline, spearheading the assault ahead of a US convoy’s deployment on the beaches.

It starts off much slower paced than what you might expect from a Ghost Recon game, and seems to have been fairly heavily influenced by Sam Fisher’s most recent outing on Xbox 360, with a big emphasis on sneaking around the battlefield before taking combatants down hand-to-hand. But stealth operations can only last so long, of course, and Ghost Recon’s awesome cover-based shooting – which now switches to a first-person view while targeting – will leave you both shocked and awed.

Are there any new toys?

Absolutely. Besides the new optical camo suit, players will also be able to get to grips with drones and an enhanced version of the cross-com visor, which now gives a detailed description of each troop – friend or foe – lined up in their crosshairs. Meanwhile, the weapons themselves will have around 30+ attachments to play around with. Expect plenty of futuristic death aids.

What about multiplayer?

Future Soldier’s campaign will fully support four-player online co-op, and Ubisoft has also confirmed to us that there will be an adversarial six-versus-six online mode. The details of which, however, are still to be revealed by them.

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