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Published on September 16th, 2010 | by prime



Following on from the depressing future Kaos Studio’s prophesied in Frontlines: Fuel of War, their next game showcases America on the brink of destruction as an unlikely power suddenly invades, crippling her infrastructure and laying waste to the free nation’s once proud heritage. Who knew North Korea had such moxy? Military imbalances aside, Homefront follows the familiar juxtaposition of the ordinary gone bad, so expect to see shopping malls fortified, wrecked monuments and suburbia besieged by an unforgiving threat.

The plot is being penned by Apocalypse Now’s John Millius, so expect a campaign which doesn’t pull any punches when covering the horrors of war. During a brief gameplay demo, we witnessed a botched bombing of an enemy stronghold and watched enemy soldiers, as well as captured friendlies, suffer an untimely demise due to a white phosphorous shower which was decidedly uncomfortable to watch.

Set pieces will be as grand and beautiful as you might expect from a modern first-person shooter, and THQ believe this franchise can rival the genre’s heavy hitters with a dramatic single-player campaign and a fleshed out multiplayer component. The premise seems novel and the pedigree very sound indeed. Gamers should look forward to learning more about this one soon.


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