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Published on July 26th, 2010 | by prime


Killzone 3

What’s the story?

Helghast’s looking more like Hoth than Hell in this snowy sequel to 2008’s fun-but-flawed first-person shooter. Picking up the story immediately after where Killzone 2 left off, Killzone 3 tracks the story of lone surviving members of ISA’s Alpha Squad continuing the war against the Helghast, as the death of Emperor Visari sends the planet into political turmoil. Levels are said to be 10 times the size of Killzone 2’s with each one filled with a ton of set-pieces. There’ll be more than just the Arctic-alike ‘Frozen Shores’ location you see in the screenshots, too – expect lush Helghan jungle and an orbital zero-G finale.

What do we know?

Despite the variations in location, Killzone 3 is still inimitably Killzone; the grey hues and overcast skies battle against the bright whites and orange glows to give the familiar war-torn look of its predecessor. But there’s been a subtle but significant change of direction for developers Guerrilla Games, who want Killzone 3’s story to be slightly more light-hearted than the hard-hitting somberness of its predecessor. The arsenal of weaponry will remain just as heavy though, with a new homing missile launcher known as the W.A.S.P. just one of Killzone 3’s plentiful new weapons guaranteed to get gun nuts revved up.

Anything else to declare?

Along with the new locales, there are new enemies to be found in Killzone 3, including Helghast equipped with jetpacks. Judging by the screens, you may just get the chance to use one too.

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