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Published on August 18th, 2010 | by prime


Marvel Super Hero Squad Online

Lego has Duplo, Looney Tunes had the Tiny Toon Adventures and soon young fans of all-things Marvel can indulge themselves with Super Hero Squad Online. Based on the kids’ TV series, the game will allow players to select from a number of immortal established characters in the eternal fight against some bloke called Doctor Doom.

Unlike the likes of Champions and City of Heroes, Super Hero Squad isn’t about creating a new personality with which to thwart evil-doers, but taking control of the established ones and utilizing powers we all wished we had access to between the ages of 7 and 11.

As well as plenty of co-operative team-focused action, players will have access to their very own headquarters, in the form of the Heli-Carrier. Inside, friends will be able to congregate, view trophies and take part in all sorts of mini-games.

With a big boys’ Marvel Universe also being overseen by publisher Gazillion, it’s obvious the developers have access to the necessary resources, which should ensure Super Hero Squad is a good deal better than most browser-based MMOs. With PvP details still to be revealed, we have to admit to being a little excited.

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