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Published on April 24th, 2010 | by Gameuber Staff


Microsoft plans in creating Xbox TV Channel

Microsoft and former News Corp. President Peter Chernin reportedly discussed future development of an official Xbox TV channel that would be co-owned by Microsoft and Chenin.

The rumored deal would be exclusive for the Xbox 360 game console only, but additional details are scarce.

Select TV content would be aimed at young, male Xbox 360 gamers, according to media reports, but would require an Xbox Live price increase of $1 or $2 per month. The Bloomberg report indicates both “reruns and original shows” would be shown through the Xbox TV channel.

It’s unknown how interested Microsoft is in Chernin’s idea, with the company currently evaluating all options. It may not be worth a failed effort to launch a new TV channel, watch it fail while alienating gamers, and then shutting down the business – something that may lead Microsoft to evaluate the market.

Online gamers may be interested in paying a dollar or two extra per month, but it will rely heavily on what type of access they get to the content.

Chernin reportedly is shopping several TV distribution ideas around to different parties, as he looks for new revenue streams in a growing market. The Xbox 360, Sony PlayStation 3 and Nintendo Wii all support streaming Netflix access, with TV and movie content producers aiming for new markets.

Chernin also discussed the idea of an Xbox 360 TV show for late night comedian Conan O’Brien, who eventually signed with TBS.

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