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Published on August 1st, 2010 | by Kyle LeDuch


Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit

Hear those sirens? Seacrest County’s about to get a wakeup call – and so is Need for Speed, as the game’s going back to its racer-chaser roots with Hot Pursuit, pitting supercars up against supercops as they speed across Seacrest County, a sprawling open-world California-alike environment filled with hundreds of miles of open road to explore and tear up. And who better to re-imagine Need for Speed than the team behind Burnout, Criterion Games.

Wait, wasn’t Hot Pursuit a PSone game?

Yeah, and rather than being a direct sequel to the stellar 1998 arcade racer, Hot Pursuit’s a remake of Need for Speed’s classic pursuit formula. The bright yellow Lambos are back, but this time the cops have brought a new weapon: a sleek siren-equipped Bugatti Veyron, and given Criterion’s heritage, the comparison’s with Burnout are immediately obvious, with the deadly high-speed game of cat and mouse working similarly to the classic crash-’em-up series.

So it’s Burnout Paradise’s cops and robbers mode?

Almost, but there are pretty major differences. Depending on which side of the law you decide to hit the streets with, evading the cops or taking down the criminals is still the name of the game. But besides just slamming into your opponent to ram him off the road, you’re also given access to a variety of power-ups to weigh the odds in your favor. The cops have access to a police helicopter which can keep tabs on your opponent if they disappear out of your line of sight, or organize road blocks or stingers to significantly slow him down.

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