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Published on June 3rd, 2013 | by Gameuber Staff


Nintendo Launches E3 2013 Website

Nintendo has launched its official E3 2013 website.

The first adapter to the next generation of consoles, Nintendo has been suffering with consumer apathy toward their Wii U. Most Nintendo gamers have been sticking with their Wii and 3DS due to seeing no point in owning Nintendo’s latest console. Even an impending price drop wasn’t enough to get gamers interested in the halfway portable console.

In a recent turn of events, however, Microsoft revealed its Xbox One, and after gamers had their heads packed with rumors that barely had any solid confirmation or denial, the public turned to the least expensive option with more solid answers. The Wii U began the first part of a possible rebirth after Xbox gamers grew unimpressed and downright annoyed with Microsoft’s attitude toward their requests.

Nintendo is now in a perfect position to pull ahead of Microsoft and Sony and show the world that they may indeed be the winner of the console war before it’s even begun. It’s still too early to know, but that’s what the general consensus appears to be pointing to.

At E3 2013, Nintendo will join Sony and Microsoft as they all attempt to wow gamers with their plans and possibly more solid details concerning next generation consoles and new games. You don’t have to be at the show to discover everything Nintendo has up their sleeves, though. In fact, Nintendo won’t be hosting a major show at the event either.

Nintendo now has a website, currently displaying a countdown to the show and silhouettes of some famous characters, where gamers can watch Nintendo’s E3 2013 announcements in real time. The announcements will come via Nintendo’s Direct webcast, an hour-long show on June 11 at 7am PST (10am EST), where they will unveil new Wii U games such as The Legend of Zelda: The Winder Waker HD, Mario & Luigi Dream Team, Pikmin 3, Super Luigi U, and many more.

Game trailers, interviews, and a Pokemon X and Y round table are all expected to be seen during the online presentation.


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