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Published on September 17th, 2010 | by prime


Red Faction: Armageddon

Whereas last year’s game had you playing as Alec Mason, battling to free an oppressed civilization from an autocratic government, now you assume the control of his grandson Darius Mason, who has to somehow rescue his luckless society from being eaten by monsters from beneath the red planet’s crust. Saving the world must run in the family, then.

The Martian population has been decimated and it’s up to you to inspire others to rid the planet of the insectoid infestation. Thankfully there’s two new tools to help you do this – the magnet gun, which can slam almost any objects together with substantial force, and a weapon which allows a black hole to be created to suck nearby enemies (or any nearby objects) into a dark void for a short period of time. The only gameplay footage we’ve seen has been set underground, but surface terrain will also feature.

As always, Volition are using their impressive destructibility tech, so expect plenty of collapsible structures and the ability to rebuild nearly anything with the Nano Forge. Attention has been paid to the plot, but expect plenty of fast-paced fun and action-packed frivolity.


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