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Published on July 28th, 2010 | by prime


Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 2

What’s the story?

Starkiller is back! And if you thought the all-powerful Jedi would remain deceased thanks to his grizzly demise during the first game, then you’ve underestimated the creativity of the LucasArt’s money-spinning department. The trusting protagonist is reborn, thanks to cloners on Kamino, and is searching the galaxy for his former love interest Juno Eclipse and seeking his revenge on Vader who left him for dead. Expect the same third-person slicing and dicing, now enhanced with two lightsabers, as well as the ability to torture enemies with a variety of Force powers.

What do we know?

Even though the combat seems relatively unchanged from the original, graphically it seems far superior, with environments that look to be much shinier than before, and a smoother implementation of the ever-impressive Euphoria tech which empowers enemies with real-time self preservation, so they’ll cling onto beams, crates and each other in order to stay alive.

Anything else?

The PC version is being helmed by Aspyr Media who dropped the ball with the original, but as this arrives alongside the console versions, we remain hopeful. As long as we can daisy-chain Stormtroopers we’ll be happy.

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