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Published on August 21st, 2010 | by prime


Street Fighter X Tekken

After weeks of speculation, Capcom’s Yoshihiro Ono finally dropped the bomb at this year’s Comic-Con. Street Fighter versus Tekken, or Street Fighter X Tekken as its being called. In fact, there are two games – a 2D, Capcom-developed effort, and a 3D version being handled by Namco, with the names switched around. For now though, Capcom is the only company that’s talking about its game.

Footage shown at Comic-Con revealed that Street Fighter X Tekken is indeed a 2D fighter, and one that looks like it has been built with the Street Fighter IV engine. Ryu is fighting Devil Jin, which is cool enough on its own, and then things get even more exciting when both combatants tag in their respective partners: Chun Li and Nina Williams. There appeared to be some sort of tag-combo moves, Ultra-style cutaways and lots of dashing. Basically, at this stage we’re happy to say that it looks superb.

Yes it’s fighting game overload at the moment, as Ono also announced Street Fighter III Third Strike Online Edition, presumably for Xbox Live. It’s generally considered the finest version of Street Fighter ever, so bring it on.

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