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Published on August 29th, 2010 | by Kyle LeDuch


Test Drive Unlimited 2

After cruising the streets of Oahu in the original game, TDU2 takes us to the Balearic paradise of Ibiza, and puts us behind the wheel of a fleet of supercars. It’s the type of dream fulfillment that videogames do so well, but unlike most games that allow us to hurtle around in desirable vehicles, Test Drive Unlimited 2 doesn’t force players into challenges or down specific routes. In TDU2 the island is your playground.

Ibiza has been mapped out beautifully, but impressively, Eden has managed to fit all of Oahu on the disc, too. Just hop on a plane and you can be over on the other side of the world.

As with the original game, it’s not just the cars; it’s the lifestyle, the music, the clothes and the money. You can customize your apartment and your gear, and (if you do so wish) even get plastic surgery on your face. It all comes back to the pseudo-MMO racing though, and that’s where Test Drive Unlimited 2 shines. The handling’s a little twitchy as before, but when you get used to the over steer, you can have some riotous drives across a truly huge environment.

The soundtrack is shaping up nicely (Paul Van Dyk and Phonat making the cut on the dance side of things) and the overall package is looking smooth. Expect more in our next post article.

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