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Published on August 27th, 2010 | by Kyle LeDuch



Despite being a prequel to the popular Mabinogi, it’s likely you’re not familiar with the story, as the game was only popular elsewhere. So we shall enlighten you. Vindictus is set on the world of Erinn, a grim and depressing place where monsters stalk the land and the people live in constant fear.

Their existence is made tolerable in the vain hope that an ancient legend will come to pass and rescue the population from their drudgery. Players will, of course, be hoping to rise to that legend by beating the crap out of each other.

From the distance of just looking at a few screenshots on a website, Vindictus seems to have little to differentiate it from any other fantasy MMO. However, the game is built around the venerable and still distinctive Source engine, which allows for a higher degree of environmental manipulation than most other off-the-shelf engines allow. This suits the gameplay very well, seeing as the game is ostensibly set around arena-based combat, where you can pick up a cabinet and smash it over the heads of your enemies.

Distinctive real-time combat and depressing fantasy backdrop aside, not being in on the closed Beta puts us at a slight disadvantage. We should know more in a few weeks, when we can assume testing will open up for the masses.

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