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Published on March 17th, 2010 | by prime


Aliens vs Predator – Review

Aliens vs Predator – Review prime

Overall Impression

Three distinctly different play styles - 92%
Inspired use of the license - 80%
Lacks a little ambition - 72%

Summary: A worthwhile and great-looking update to a fantastic franchise



Over 10 years ago Rebellion first tried their hand at crafting a compelling first-person shooter experience around Fox’s most iconic sci-fi creations. In many ways the original was ahead of its time, with an unspectacular single-player, aided by compelling multiplayer and co-op.

Their second effort is a much more rounded affair, with three distinct campaigns where gamers can play as either a xenomorph, Predator and the vulnerable meat-sack which is the Marine. Practically three games in one, each character plays drastically different, with the corps member playing more like a traditional shooter, whereas the extraterrestrial species utilize stealth and raw power.

Each of the games bite-sized single player campaigns feed directly into one another, culminating in a complete story-arc which lasts around 12 hours back to back. The plot takes place several years after James Cameron’s Aliens, with humanity still meddling in forces they cannot hope to control. Many of the stand-out moments from the classic movies are represented with unmistakable authenticity, whether it be the crunch of a xenomorph’s skull, the stumbling sound of a Pulse Rifle’s sustained fire or the Predator’s hallmark spine-tingling scream.

This love affair of the source material is extended to the visuals as well and even though the size of the UI betrays this title’s console focus, that doesn’t mean its wasted on modern warfare. Crank up the antistropic filtering and AvP look can times look beautiful.

Blades rip through bodies, and backs get broken in some of the most gruesome character animations we’ve ever seen

There’s plenty of multiplayer modes to sink your jaw into, including a Last Man Standing mode where slaughtered Marines turn into xenomorphs and Predator Hunt where players kill fellow humans in order to play as the universe’s most fearsome bad ass. It won’t challenge the likes of Team Fortress 2 but there’s definitely potential for a substantial online scene.

Instant kill

The biggest gameplay change from the original is the instant kill moves, which can be carried out by either Predators or xenomorphs on their prey when sneaking up on opponents or knocking them down. Heads get torn off, blades rip through bodies and backs get broken in some of the most gruesome character animations we’ve ever seen in a first-person shooter. After a few hours play, many are repeated but they rarely lose their shock value.

A few sacrifices have been made in order to satisfy new gamers to the series, and these include neutralizing the devastating effects of Alien blood, but most of the hardcore sensibilities remain the same.

AvP may be more of a remake than a reinvention but, nevertheless, the complete package represents good value and is easily recommended.

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