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Published on January 1st, 2013 | by Swaine Dillinger


James Bond: 007 Legends – Review

James Bond: 007 Legends – Review Swaine Dillinger

Overall Impression

Well, it's Bond, but in name only - 76%
Remarkably dull - 50%
Very poor AI - 48%

Summary: Seriously, can someone else make the Bond games from now on?



007 Legends is a game that fires a nuclear missile-sized warning shot at you before you even buy the game. Pick up the box, take a look at the render of Daniel Craig on the cover and that pretty much tells you all you need to know. I have thought long and hard who it actually looks like (a younger, smarter Bill Nighy came out tops) but this ain’t Bond. And neither is the game. It’s a pale imitation of something that should be slicker, smoother and altogether, um, better-er.

In a nutshell, 007 Legends is a first-person shooter that revisits key moments in James Bond’s cinematic past – although we suspect that those key moments are more likely to have been picked by someone who’d never actually seen a James Bond film. Therefore you get missions from Goldfinger (good), On Her Majesty’s Secret Service (um…), Moonraker (really?), Licence to Kill (surely not) and Die Another Day (arse). There’s no Man With the Golden Gun, Casino Royale or Live and Let Die to be seen here, which misses out on some of the greatest (and greatest potential for gaming missions) Bond moments of all time.

The guard AI is rubbish, the stealth mechanics severely flawed and even the missions where you have to be stealthy seem almost impossible to complete without a shootout. The fact that you’re replaying scenes from films from the Sixties using hi-tech kit just about works but the rest of the game is so lacking in atmosphere that it simply falls flat at every opportunity. Saving graces? None sadly, although we were taken with the multiplayer modes for a surprisingly long time. While most games tend to ignore split-screen multiplayer gaming, it was pleasing to see it here. Coming across all Goldeneye, you and three other Bond wannabes can battle it out with a moderate amount of joy until the boredom kicks in – which will be hours rather than days, unfortunately.

To call 007 Legends a missed opportunity is something of an understatement. The majority of the game is mediocre at best and the rest of it is just awful. In the right hands, this could’ve been a genius idea but sadly, Eurocom clearly aren’t up to the job.

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