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Published on January 9th, 2013 | by Richard Motokovsky


Medal of Honor: Warfighter – Review

Medal of Honor: Warfighter – Review Richard Motokovsky

Overall Impression

Wonderful graphics - 80%
A worrying amount of bugs - 60%
Ultimately rather dull - 58%

Summary: Flaws spoil what could’ve been a classy shooter



You would imagine that with one of the largest and best first-person developers behind it, Medal of Honor should be stunning, especially when you consider that the last one was something of an own goal. Sadly though, it would appear that EA haven’t learnt from their mistakes.

Warfighter (for you play as a man who fights in wars) begins in style. The pre-rendered cut-scenes that welcome you to the game and introduce the characters are stunning, and the humanizing of the lead character, Preacher, is a welcome addition – even if it’s done rather clumsily. Get through the emotion lead-ins though, collect your virtual weapon, and it’s very much business as usual.

There’s very little room here for creativity too, as Warfighter leads you firmly by the hand here. You clear an area, move on, clear another one and then breach a door (triggering the now-standard slo-mo scene as you attempt to take out as many gooks as possible before being shot to ribbons) and then it’s onto the next room. To be honest, it’s a relief that the single-player campaign is relatively short, as you’d be likely to slip into an endless sleep before completing it otherwise.

Graphically though, Warfighter impresses throughout. The Frostbite 2, which was used to good effect last year for Battlefield 3 and Need for Speed: The Run is even better here. It’s very hard to imagine a better-looking shooter. Really. Explosions happen everywhere, and things fall off of larger things in an immensely satisfying way. If you’ve got your PS3 connected up to a large HD TV with a decent surround sound system, then you’re sure to feel the benefits. Hell, you may even have something resembling fun for a while. Stranger things have happened.

Of course, the really interesting part of a first-person shooter is the online element, as that’s the part of the game that’s going to keep you interested over the coming months, right? Well, yes, in the ideal world, and to be fair, there’s lots to like with the multiplayer aspects of the game. While it does little to break any boundaries and try anything original, what it does it does well, and the opportunity to pick from a selection of soldiers from around the world is a neat touch.

What isn’t quite so neat though, are the bugs that crop up throughout the game. Rough textures and very dodgy AI are just two that you should keep an eye out for, and are both partly to blame for the drop in atmosphere. A day one patch released by EA went some way to improving matters, but for a game to be released with so many errors these days is

Creating a first-person game with style or class isn’t easy but it is possible – proven by Dishonored, one of our favorite games of the year. Somehow, despite the wonderful graphics, interweaving plot and varied set-pieces, Warfighter ends up being a little dull and soulless. The multiplayer is workable and fun, but with another shooter now on the landscape, you really have to ask why anyone except for the first-person shooter devotee would possibly choose this one.

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