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Might and Magic Heroes Kingdoms – Review

Might and Magic Heroes Kingdoms – Review prime

Overall Impression

Simple to play - 94%
Not limited to one platform - 90%
Nightly downtime - 76%

Summary: Heroes of Might and Magic Kingdoms is a good game which feels more like an RTS than an MMO



Heroes of Might and Magic is one of those classic fantasy franchises which everyone seems to have played at one time or another and has seen a release on every console known to man. Well, Ubisoft has revived the franchise in the form of a browser-based strategy MMO which will allow anyone to play simply by paying the subscription and going to game’s website.

Browser-based MMOs are becoming ever popular, mainly because they’re all inclusive. You have a computer, you can play. They don’t need flashy graphics cards or high-end machines. The downside to this is, of course, the complexity of the games. In order to run on every system they’re often much simpler than traditional MMOs like Aion or WoW. This can sometimes mean basic gameplay or awful graphics but Heroes of Might and Magic Kingdoms simplifies this by creating a good game with simple gameplay which feels more like an RTS than an MMO.

The idea of the game is to defend your city from an onslaught of demons and denizens by way of fortifying your city, sending your troops to clear out zombie-infested mines and using the ore to build important buildings – like a pub. In some ways, Heroes of Might and Magic Kingdoms is a bit like Sim City meets a casual game like Farmville. While you have a hero as an avatar, the main control system of Kingdoms is a God-like one where you move troops, maintain your city’s defenses and generally try to keep everything ticking over.

The main screen shows your city in a grid format which can be zoomed in and out, and each city comes with a certain number of mines which offer materials which can help you create new buildings. Of course, these mines need to be flushed out, and this involves sending your hero in. The battles themselves are all about sending troops to aid your hero and pitching them against enemy forces. If you’re successful then you’ll receive a congratulatory battle report delivered to an in-game mailbox.

The game really does feel like Sim City but with an MMO twist. There are other people and things that want to seize your town, and your city continues to exist when you log off. Fortunately though, Kingdoms has a nice way of making sure no harm comes while you’re offline in the shape of a night-time mode. During this period, armies are forced to stay in their home town so there won’t be any skirmishes or sneak attacks. A side effect of this is that it also limits how long you can play online for.

Might and Magic Heroes Kingdoms is never going to be competition for the big MMOs, but it’s not meant to be. It stands firmly in the realm of casual gaming, designed to be played whenever you have free time, without worrying that you’ll still be playing at 3am. Basically, it’s the MMO version of Farmville, and that is why it’s likely to be successful, even if there’s a subscription involved.

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6 Responses to Might and Magic Heroes Kingdoms – Review

  1. Cdh1272 says:

    Dig the review but there are a few key points missed and one that is spot on. Yes it is a casual game where the commands you execute will be completed in an hour or upwards to two days. So go ahead enjoy your beer and hot wings while cheering for your fave gridiron or court side squad.

    The game may drag early on because well Ubisoft wants you to really think about where you want to be when the gravy starts to pour. This is what you missed. The game is divided into seasons and a season last until one Guild Alliance reaches a plateau and grabs a few tears. This is when the game changes as a new demanding playstyle comes into play. PVP. Yup there is an endgame. I have been on a server and it gets chaotic and exciting to watch the whole landscape change in just hours. Yet you still simply make a few commands and beer and wings here you come! A comparison to FV rubbed me wrong but as I write this yeah youre right. make a command go have a life.

    Also this is one of the rare games where free to play is the truth albeit slow for the non-SUB you can still effectively compete if you plan ahead. Read the forums join an Alliance and search/ask plenty of questions and this game becomes more interesting than the first few weeks where you must simply build before you fight.

  2. Sten says:

    Thanks for the additional info. What other forums can you suggest?

  3. Disappointed says:

    The game can be great, but the limitation they are putting to who can register and to which servers/worlds a person can play is pathetic. I wanted to play on a world where my friend, living in the same country as me, is playing and I can’t… You also face situations where it says country you’re in doesn’t allow you to play. It’s really a big let down. For those reasons, I still keep that Travian is way better organized and much more accessible to play than this wannabe game!

  4. Boycotter says:

    I have mixed feelings on the game itself. It can be fun but has flaws, but that is not what this review is about. Avoid this game, and this company, at all costs, if only for the rude, power-drunk, ban-happy, unethical staff, who are apparently allowed to play on the same servers they have power over.

    On a previous server, my account was deleted for (subjectively) “offensive names” with no warning whatsoever. Had I been given one I would have changed the names immediately and apologetically. I lost everything I had put into the game for months in an instant, was denied any form of prorated refund for the remainder of my 3-month subscription, and told I could play a new game on a different server instead, which I did not. Months later, I started playing again in a new season with my friends, after the first game had ended, as a non-subscriber. I gave customer service one more chance to redeem themselves by sending a polite appeal, explaining my situation and asking for a free subscription in good faith to end my boycott of the company, promising to pay for a renewal when that ended. The response I got was a rude denial, telling me again that I shouldn’t have broken the fine-print rules, but the most ridiculous part was that it came from a staff member who was also a member of the alliance we were fighting in this new season of the game! It was blatant conflict of interest. I actually got him to forward the request to someone who claimed to be a manager, who similarly denied it, but it made the entire situation suspect. I already had my suspicions that I had been banned in the first place because someone in the game wanted me out of the way, not because I had actually offended anyone.

    Still frustrated, I continued to play the game as a nonsubscriber. Many of my fellow alliance members were paying members, and as the “end game” approached, many of them were similarly deleted without warning because they took advantage of certain aspects of the game mechanics that are apparently against the “rules”. These rules were apparently posted about in the forums by game staff, so we were supposed to know them, and rather than fix the game mechanics to prevent the (widely used) tactics we had been employing, they decided to delete the accounts of many alliance members. But only from our alliance, because we had been brought into the spotlight for “investigation” after a bug in the game caused us to have 1 extra player in our alliance beyond what the game had intended us to be limited at. After this, several more alliance members deleted their own accounts in protest. We had been the #1 alliance at the time and this basically removed us from the competition.

    Rather than the polite responses and warnings you would expect from a company when you are a paying subscriber, the staff of this game behave as if they are prepubescent forum trolls with the power to “punish” anyone who speaks up. This is an actual exchange between a polite alliance member and a rude staff member, from the forums, in which the alliance member is asking for clarification of rules or possibly making a valid point with a rhetorical question, concerning the use of the auction house to quickly trade resources rather than using slower caravans (not “resource pushes”, which might indicate the use of fake accounts to make one account stronger, but fair trades):

    “I am really sorry for that. Last time you mention the resources trading, you didn’t said it was about trading via caravan. I thought fair trading I mentioned above was permitted. It was my fault that I misunderstood what you said.

    Let me ask you one question. If one players requests 200 crystals by 200K gold and another players requests 200 gems by 200k gold, both of them fulfill the requests. They trade 200 gems for 200 crystals in the end. This trade also circumvents the time it would normally take to caravan those resources. Is it permitted?”

    Here is the staff response:

    “Should I go get my Speak’N’Spell? I don’t get what’s hard to understand here.

    Go ahead and theorycraft a hypothetical situation where it might be less problematic, but the fact remains you didn’t trade 200 crystals for 200k. You traded 200 crystals for 16g.

    Buh-bye. You lose the pillow.”

  5. Artefactot says:

    Hehe, UBI tried to make a good game.
    But they failed in many fields
    Do you know that there is a community project to build a mmo game?
    It is called Dominions: Genesis.

  6. Bartotat says:

    I’ve just read all about this Dominions Genesis and I have to say it really has potential. It is really interesting to see if the game will be created. If they make it I will definitely try it!

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