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World of Warcraft 3.3.3

World of Warcraft 3.3.3 prime

Overall Impression

Battleground Finder - 86%
PvP mounts for all - 90%
No new raid/lore content - 78%

Summary: Those looking for new raid content or lore are going to be a little bit dissapointed



User Rating: 3.6 (1 votes)

The Lich King is dead, the threat to Azeroth from the frozen north has passed and the calm has once again descended. Don’t believe us? Just check out that shiny new fountain in Dalaran to view Arthas’ demise. Then go run some low level dungeons and peace before the storm that is the Cataclysm. Yes we know its coming but for our virtual counterparts, it’s business as usual all across Azeroth.

While there are still at least two more major ‘minor counter patches’ in the form of the Ruby Sanctum and the retaking of the Gnome capital of Gnomeragan and the Echo Isles, one belonging to the outcast Trolls. The latter is believed to be a part of the much-awaited and inevitable Cataclysm prologue. For now though, Blizzard is focusing on tweaking the game and therefore paving the way for the next expansion.

Those looking for new raid content or lore are going to be a little bit disappointed. These patches – which is lacking even a name and known just as 3.3.3 – is more about perfecting gameplay, fixing the classes and expanding the ever popular Dungeon Finder. While this might sound a little bit annoying, this continued improvisation is vital to the game and serves as a harbinger for all the delicious content yet to come.

For example, the next time you find yourself in Ironforge or Orgimmar, take a closer look at High Tinker Gelbin Mekkatorque and Vol’jin. In anticipation of their roles in the final content patch of Wrath of the Lich King: Operation: Gnomeregan and Liberation of the Echo Isles, both have been given a new look – just as Jaina Proudmore and Sylvanas did for The Fall of the Lich King. But this decision to revamp these soon to be key characters a little early is a small reminder that yes, Deathwing is returning – and soon.

Honor by any other name

The really big changes are PvP and related to the Dungeon Finder, the new system introduced with The Fall of the Lich King, which allows you to play roulette with your dungeon choices and also allow for easy (and surprisingly civil) pugs. As the system has been such a success, it is now being rolled out so you can use the Dungeon Finder to enter a random Battleground – the only trick is you have to be a level 80 for it to work.

Another neat change involves PvP gear and mounts. Previously, if you wanted to buy one of those oh-so-sweet PvP mounts or certain shiny items of gear, you not only had to grind honor, you also had to do certain battlegrounds. Not anymore! Marks for serving in BGs have been made redundant. You also get even more honor for slaughtering the other side and, all in all, it’s a much easier system.

Of course, these are not the only changes. There are the usual class tweaks, but now we are properly in-between expansions, the devs at Blizzard have taken the time to tidy up the game and world before Deathwing comes along the rips Azeroith apart. While not the most exciting of patches, 3.3.3 is one of the most needed as it heralds the end, even if that end won’t come until much later this year.

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