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Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII – Trailer

The concept for the game design is “world driven”, meaning that the world will always be moving and have events happening in various locations at certain times of day, regardless of if the player is in the same location within the world to witness the event or not.

Lightning will be the only playable character with Hope Estheim giving guidance and advice to her over cellphone. The game will involve her battle to save the world from destruction, set against the awakening of the ancient god Bhunivelze. Players will also have the ability to customize her costume.

Over the 13-day span of the game, certain actions Lightning takes will influence the flow of time. She will be able to gain or lose time, depending on what she does; saving one person could roll back the clock, while saving another person could move it forward. Time is a fundamental theme of Lightning Returns; clocks will be shown everywhere to illustrate the importance and progression of time in the overworld.

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